[NaPoWriMo Poetry- 7] ” A Mixtape of Hope”



1. Hey Jude! Beatles

2. Let it be Beatles

3. I will survive Gloria Gaynor

4. Through fire and flames  Dragonforce

5. Don’t fear the reaper Blue Oyster Cult

6. Livin’ on a prayer – Bonjovi

7.  Comfortably Numb – Pink Flyod

8.  Like a Rolling stone Bob Dylan

9. Born to Run Bruce Springsteen 




10.  ImagineJohn Lennon

11.  Peace of Mind –  Boston

12.  and Justice for all –  Metallica

13.  HappyPharrell Williams

14. More than a feeling –  Boston 

15.  You’re beautifulJames Blunt

16. Nothing else matters –  Metallica

17.  Carry on wayward sonKansas

18.  (You’re) Stayin’ Alive –  Bee Gees


About National Poetry Writing Month : #NaPoWriMo is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month. This year in 2019 I will attempt to complete this challenge of 30 poems in the month of April. Please keep reading and supporting. Wish me luck ! 

PS: 1 week already completed. Yay!

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