[NaPoWriMo Poetry- 15] “Bihu Dancers”

Bihu is the Assamese festival of spring celebrated in the month of April. Young men and women from Assam perform the folk Bihu dance to convey their love for each other.

Translations: dhol – drum , jetuka – henna , gogona – traditional jaw harp


A troupe of Bihu dancers,

like a bouquet of red roses,

a drapery of golden silk.

Sway my heart,

with the tinge of your ‘jetuka‘.

Fill the voids of my ‘dhol‘ beats,

with your ‘gogona‘.

where are you off to ?

where will you unfurl spring today?


About National Poetry Writing Month : #NaPoWriMo is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month. This year in 2019 I will attempt to complete this challenge of 30 poems in the month of April. Please keep reading and supporting. Wish me luck !




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