[NaPoWriMo Poetry- 18] “When we meet again”


You had to leave, I know.

But I had things to tell, you don’t know,

songs to sing, love to confess

and desires to express.

I will, when we meet again.


The road trip we wanted; always.

Camp under a moonlit sky,

catch fireflies in the wild,

dreams and moments to relive together.

I will fulfill, when we meet again.


Make you breakfast in bed,

gently wipe the coffee froth from your lips.

Watch you grin to my humour,

(which you pretend to be lame)

and when we play,let you win every game.

I will, when we meet again.


You rubbed your soul with mine

and teased my naked affection.

You stole and hid a part of me,

only to never return, never reveal.

But I will forgive, when we meet again.




About National Poetry Writing Month : #NaPoWriMo is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month. This year in 2019 I will attempt to complete this challenge of 30 poems in the month of April. Please keep reading and supporting. Wish me luck !

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