[NaPoWriMo Poetry- 30] “Epilogue”


There is nothing else to say,

It was meant to end this way.

The sailor has reached his shore,

and beyond  this cliff,

there are roads to travel no more.

The end will be abrupt,

meaningless and absurd.

So will be our lives,

so will be this poem.

for death is the bargain for a life to live.




This journey of writing a poem each day for one month was emotionally overwhelming , intellectually stressful and physically tiring but the end was as beautiful and enlightening as the determination to take up this #NaPoWriMo challenge. 30 poems and a sense of internal accomplishment, self believe and consistency is my reward today. Thank you all for reading and supporting. Gratitude to the silent observers, silent readers and critics. It was worth the effort.




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