[ Blog Update ]

Hi everyone!

It has been long since I have posted on the blog. Life has been swinging on the harder side. But I am glad to announce that I have planned a new series of posts in the upcoming days. I will be sharing a series on ethics and dilemmas of life. Where I will share stories, thoughts and few pieces of my mind. We come across situations where we are in a crossroads of doubt. Often in life we feel that the right thing, the ethical thing to do would have the worst consequences. Confessing to your love that you cheated, revealing to this cruel world your sexuality, speaking the truth even when it may endanger your life. Cases of fighting your conflict of interest. Your passion vs your profession, Love vs Lust, Relationship commitments vs Freedom, Job vs Family ; a struggle between choosing the right thing to do. And it’s difficult always. Always.

If not solve these dilemmas, I will try to address perspectives on them. Hope this series will intrigue you as a reader. First post on Saturday 8th June 2019.

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