[Poetry] Unforgettable

Your mild tender fragrance,

was a reminder of your presence;

in my life, in my mind.

Your burst of deep belly laugh,

was a hint, a presence of happiness.

And when your laugh went breathless,

you would hold for a moment

and then spurt out a rainbow of laughter.



Your honest zealous expressions,

your  “O wow! ” to things of fascination,

“Yum !” to tastes of wonder.

Your “Hmm…” and ” Mmm…”

and silent pause to conversations.

I can write a thousand words about you,

But it won’t be as poetic as you,

won’t be as beautiful as you.

Can I forget us? Can I regret us?




2 Replies to “[Poetry] Unforgettable”

  1. Sleepless nights,
    Shrinking appetite,
    Eyes circled dark,
    Clothes stiched to a smaller size,
    She became sick.

    She nurtured the nature.
    She walked through an unknown path.
    She hymed tones of unfamiliar lyrics.
    Nothing seemed as contended as it was in the past.

    She cried with happiness , when her heart smiled and said “You love him”

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