[Prose/Poetry?] “You spark dreamy thoughts”

I had found my happiness halfway between her shy smile and carefree laughter. Hence undoubtedly, her wide grin at the sight of gol gappa was a testimony to my happiness. The festive market that evening seemed brighter than the thousand glowing fairy lights.

“Shall we?” – she asked, almost certain that I won’t refuse. I indicated my approval with a gentle nod and held her hand to search for a narrow path piercing through the crowd. “Two plates!” we placed our order.

Indian bazaars and crowded markets have often fascinated me. Partially because of  extensively reading Ruskin Bond’s imagery of bazaars and partly because of my  wanderlust heart. From all my experiences wandering around Indian markets, I have found few common denominators – vibrant colors and cacophony of noise. And ofcourse there has to be a cow; moving leisurely through the hustle-bustle, nosing around open stalls for food. A quintessential trademark of an Indian bazaar.

Her cheeks were spiced pink and her mouth stuffed with gol gappa. She half opened her gol gappa stuffed mouth to speak in a language that almost sounded gibberish. “Not spicy enough!” she said and went on to grab her next gol gappa. But my thoughts were already lost in the twinkle of her eyes.

“You spark dreamy thoughts!” I said.

Writer babu, hold your horses.” she mocked.

But I had already woven a  garland of words for her.


“If I had a single breath left to breathe,

Only had a single desire to fulfill;

In all my imaginations

and in all my realities;

I would wish that

in every motion of my lips,

I phrase only love for you.”




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