[Prose] “I can feel it”

She ran her hands over my head; her fingers combing across my hair. Lying on the velvety grass, she dragged her body closer to mine, almost hugging me yet separated by almost a breath. She wanted to speak, I could sense.

“I feel like I am too emotional” she spoke.

“Hmm. Maybe” I replied in confusion.

“Perhaps that makes me weak? Isn’t it?”

I pulled her closer and replied ” Aren’t emotions self satisfying?”


I had to look into her twinkling curious eyes to explain. “Sometimes it takes just few words, a tune or maybe just a photo to melt our emotions”

“Just like wax! Isn’t it?”

“Mmm… maybe. And when we melt, creativity flows out of us. Which is self satisfying” I explained.

” Exactly! Most of the times it doesn’t make any sense, still when I am emotional , I write down my thoughts. I fear my feeling might get lost in the crowd of overwhelming emotions. By writing it down, I ensure its eternal existence. They might be hidden,unseen but someday,someone might find me, find my feelings. And soon they will be alive again.”

“I will agree to that.” I replied.

“Often I wonder, if emotions could have had their own voice, their own independent existence. Emotions now are trapped and stored in bits and pieces across poetry, words, songs, music and facial expressions. If emotions could have been personified, would sadness and happiness make a perfect couple? “

I added to her thoughts – ” Sadness would live in a far off countryside called ‘solitude’. Happiness would console sadness and promise to return back soon. And then when happiness would return, he would bring spring and festivities. He would calm sadness to a relaxing sleep and sing a lullaby of hope.”

“Oh! So now happiness is a ‘he’ ? ” she joked.

“Ah!” I tried to dodge a reply, but I continued “At most times it is difficult to defeat feelings with logic and reason. Feelings make humans comprehensive and perfect as living beings. Yet following emotions lead to irrational actions, imperfections. It is this tight rope on which we have to balance and juggle our lives. When we look down under, it is scary and daunting but we still have to hold our heads high, look at the future,look forward and walk.”

“Perhaps” she nodded.



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