[Poetry] “Vacuum”

Assume you are stuck inside a glass bubble 

vacuum inside, the apogee of emptiness.

You call out for help,but none can hear,

You scream in helplessness, punch the walls.

Soon you learn the impossibility, face the truth.

You try to sing yourself a tune, to calm;

But you hear none, you are deaf to yourself.

Soon you forget your own voice.

Then the emptiness starts to form internally

You fail to talk to yourself, the friendly voice inside you;

it disappears, you lose the last friend; your mind.

A vacuum of thoughts, vacuum of existence.

You would want to kill yourself, prefer death.

But in vacuum you were dying anyway.

You don’t deserve to die, no one does;

You deserve to live, live with joy.

The world is cruel, uncompassionate; you know.

But apathy lies in the hearts of those you care for;

It hurts the most, it kills till the core.

The fear of being victim of their apathy.

Cruelty of the unfair world then seems so close.





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