[NaPoWriMo Poetry- 23] “A Stew of Success”


Pour a gentle drop of ambition,

chop and dice your arrogance and procrastination,

and add a dollop of fresh motivation.

Saute your skills and talent,

but deglaze your biases and prejudices prevalent.

Spice it up with some failures,

then simmer it over a fire of hard work.

Season it with a pinch of good luck

and you will then have a perfect stew of success.

But then when you make it,

cook it for the needy, the hungry.

Share it, make it worth.


About National Poetry Writing Month : #NaPoWriMo is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month. This year in 2019 I will attempt to complete this challenge of 30 poems in the month of April. Please keep reading and supporting. Wish me luck !

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