[NaPoWriMo Poetry- 29] “Words for my Son”


Son, don’t cry,

for this is not a goodbye.

I will be here, there and everywhere.

with or without, but my love won’t wither.

When you are lonely and scared,

send me a thread of words

and I will weave you a sweater.

It will protect you from the cold world,

cold wounds and cold words.

If you have to walk in darkness

I will twinkle a little brighter.

such that your shadow ,

will shine in wonder.

It will dance, to make you happy.

If you feel hollow and empty,

I will poke the fabric of nature,

vibrate it, to hum a lullaby.

I may disappear in time,

but my presence will

grow old with you, son!



This year in April 2019 I have attempted the #NaPoWriMo challenge to write a poem each day for one month and I can’t believe I have already completed 29/30. Thank you for reading and supporting. Tomorrow will be the last. (or may be the beginning of an endless journey through poetry?! ) 

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